“The blog is divided into sections dealing with the expressive languages of advertising, design, fashion, health, lifestyle, photography and video, all of which are accompanied by a series of in-depth articles.
For each item I choose the ideas that have captured my attention, the ones that impress me positively or negatively, and those regarding which I feel I have something to say, and I comment on them in the light of my experience and my professional perspective that in some ways represents a privileged viewpoint.
I am inspired by the web, newspapers, exhibitions, shows, fairs and the world in general, this inexhaustible source of fantastic surprises.
Every image and every reflection I make is intended to stimulate a reaction in the visitors to the blog, but they can also simply be an occasion for sharing.
In my blog I do not intend to avoid criticism of the excesses of plastic surgery, when the concepts of proportion and harmony are often not respected. All of your comments and suggestions will be carefully considered and, if they are interesting, they will be used to further enrich the contents of the blog.”

Dr. Luciano Lanfranchi, M.D.

Plastic Surgeon



Created by: Matta Ari S.r.l.s.

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