When we met Hyperactive for the first time we knew that the way they faced photograpy and style was really very particular ; that’s why after a long mutual search we shoot this photo that represents a wrong interpretation of Plastic Surgery for certain people.
Both photographers and plastic surgeons have to deal with proportions for every project-surgery and in this case we found out a meeting point between both of us representing spare parts on a patient and sensibilizing to “personal beauty” and not to mass beauty….
From one hand we have the hypotetical spare parts that everyone would like to choose but that doesnt mean that every nice looking nose would fit our face. When we modify an anatomical part of a body, a detailed and accurate pre operative study has to be performed; that means it has to fit the patient’s face-body without being unnatural and trying to preserve the personality and appearence.
It’s paradoxal but if surgeons could work like professional photograpers such as Hyperactive friends do, it would be so easy to change everything, always having the opportunity to undo practically everything… but it is not that way: they are always medical and/or surgical procedures that include different risks .

Hyper parts

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