Urs Fisher’s wax sculpture has relentlessly been consumed by time just like any other candle. Urs Fisher’s wax sculpture was presented at Palazzo Grassi in Venice. As it slowly melted away during the exhibition, it also melt away the faithful reproduction of the artist himself.
A melting sculpture evokes many interesting thoughts to reason upon: Firstly, the transformations the body undergoes over time, obviously made faster and exasperated in this case, but that still are in real life a progressive,unstoppable,and irreversible truth, secondly, the caducity in life and the limits the body beholds with its irreversible processes.

Furthermore: does the time of this work of art really exist? Urs asks seems to ask himself…Can the body be represented by wax? Does the comparison hold?

A very subtle and refined representation that expresses all inputs that art could or should awaken. Compliments to the artist!

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