Sand creature

Liset Castillo is a famous cuban artist. She creates life-size sand sculptures of models typically found in high-gloss fashion magazines, photograph the works in sand and then she destroys them as a commentary on the ephemeral nature of beauty, America’s obsession with youth culture and decay.

In an age when many can look at themselves in the mirror and no longer recognize the faces they were born with, my figures silently question universal fears about beauty ravaged by the inexorable tides of time.
The models appear alienated, lost in solitude and seduced by narcissistic reveries. Their petrified countenances are frozen at the symbolic moment of transformation; that moment before they disintegrate back into powder, before they are swept back by the wind to the landscape and licked back by the saltwater to the sea.

It is very dangerous to become obsessed with morphology and ageing since abnormal and-or extreme surgical-medical choices could be taken.

Notice how natural those sand lips look like!

To learn more: click qui” title=”liset castillo” target=”_blank”>here

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