Wooden Breasts

mario philippona

They are made of maple and the drawers – an obvious reference  to the world of Dalì and his Venus de Milo. These creations by the German designer/artist Mario Philippona, enterprising father of Erotic Furniture. A brand that is making a big buzz in the web world .

Inspired by the attractive female forms the furnishings that Mario creates, in general, are carved in wood that is on the regional territory and therefore able to sweep through a range of colors and different textures and ever new. The inspiration for the sculpted furniture that Mario creates is the attractive female form. Carved in a variety of local timbers which gives him the opportunity to use a wide range of textures and colours.

The product range includes artist lamps, fruit bowls, drawers, trays and tables, hand-finished and finished oil and natural waxes.

All with the principle objective: the search for the perfection that women are pursuing through make up, fitness, Photoshop and scalpels – and that Mario creates in his works. As if to say: there is perfection, but it is embodied in wood!’

For more info: http://www.sexyfurniture.nl/

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