La Maya Desnuda

She couldn’t partecipate to the 2012 paralympics because she didn’t have enough money, but nonetheless Maya Nakanishi didn’t lose hope and decided to pose nude for a calender shot by the great japanese photographer Takao Ochi.
The result can be seen by everybody: a body that creates a rupture with what are thought to be classic beauty standards…but she does it with great grace. A body that displays itself revealing a disablement with good grace. A body that reveals itself for what it is without wanting to become something else.
From a medical point of view, a body that highlights the importance of “spare parts”- perfect bioengineering works with which surgeons often have to deal with.
An imperfect body doesn’t scare a doctor, it represents an organism that has to be made efficient through the use of techniques,studies, and tools.
An observation at margin: thanks to the money raised by the calender Maya will participate to the Paralympics and will be able to show off her fast prosthesis!

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