Perfection lays in imperfection

The representation of reality comes to perfection. It is such in Omar Ortiz’s canvasses; central-american painter that gives us a series of art works that resemble photographs rather than paintings due to the similes with reality.
Mexican, passionate of design and graphic communications, he progressively moved onto oil painting, reaching a level of formal perfection that would cause envy to many photorealist masters of the 60′s and 70′s such as Chuck Close.

By observing his paintings at a Close-up we are struck by the authenticity of his reproductions. He doesn’ t neglect a single fold in the skin, body hair nor a detail of asymmetry. It is so alive it seems real.
Women nudes are his favourite subjects. Generally draped with cloth expressing all classical elements of harmony and beauty.
Definitely talented, he is very popular on the web; Who knows if he would be able to make less attractive women as divine as his portrayed subjects?

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