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Wrinkles, scars, even tattoos are all stories written on our skin … If you like tattoos you cannot miss this project by Chennye Randall.

He has created an ongoing project on his Tumblr page titled “shopped tattoos” where he photoshops tattoos onto iconic images of celebrities past and present. Randall has photoshopped images of Prince William and Kate Middleton, President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Leonard Nimoy, Albert Einstein, just to name a few. Most images show the celebrities covered in tattoos, with some including a change in hair color or outfits. “All of these images were created as a form of curiosity. What some of the worlds most recognizable and admired icons would look like perhaps living in a parallel universe. This has never been about ‘What would celebrities look like with tattoos’ although it is clearly centered around tattoos because I personally love Tradition tattooing” says Randall.

We are fans of tattoos although we advise you to think carefully about what you want to get tattoed on your skin since tattoos are really difficult to remove. Every tattoo is unique, and while not all tattoos can disappear completely, the vast majority can. Factors that will determine the amount of treatments needed are color, skin type, location, the amount of ink, scarring or tissue change, layering, and the age of the tattoo. So take care, get the best tattoos done by experienced professionals but above all think very well before being tattooed!

Shopped Tattoo

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